Instructions On How To Quit: Virgo New Moon/Pisces Full Moon

"full moon in pisces"
What do you want to QUIT?

Cigarettes are life’s punctuation marks: you can put one after anything, after completing any task: food, sex, work. Cigarettes mark time. Cigarettes say “I’m on a break.” Cigarettes say, “Now on to the next thing.”

It’s an existential addiction. It makes you think in between the doing. Today will be Day 2 of my not smoking and as I wrote before, I don’t know if I’m quitting. This is an experiment, a New Moon in Virgo experiment.

Is there something you want to quit? Something you want to give up?

Virgo time is health time, routine-time. You can make new habits NOW. New Moons are for… intentions, planting. And the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces gives you the potential to transcend the block, blur it, imagine yourself… well. We’re in the middle of the two energies. Look to your left? Virgo. To your right? Pisces. And then there’s you, in your struggle.

What are you ready, or NOT ready, to leave behind? A Pisces Full Moon can make it seem like it never happened, never existed, but I prefer the balance between the two: think and dream, think and dream, think and dream.

A story: breaking up withΒ  my ex-boyfriend felt like it took FOREVER. I think we were, maybe, less than a month in and I was struggling to get out. And then it went on for two more years. I could not extricate myself and did not think it was wise to do so. Someone at the time advised me: he said it was like ripping off a band-aid: just DO IT. I didn’t do it until I could do it and then I did do it.

Mercury is the breath, Mercury is speech, Mercury is the writing about cigarettes, missing cigarettes, loving cigarettes. Like standing on the beach, looking at the ocean, you see ships in the distance and the ships look so small because they are far away. That’s what it feels like: something passing by, something I can’t reach.

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