Instructions For The End Of Pisces Season: Jupiter Trine Pluto

"new moon in aries"

Make your faith impenetrable.

Faith is a Neptune (and Jupiter) word. Penetrate is a Pluto word. No hanging threads, no cracks in the ceiling.

And please excuse my mixing of metaphors — I want to get across the idea of what is needed for those folks who struggle with doubt and worry – and doubt and worry could be represented by any number of things in the chart.

Could be emotional intensity due to a  Moon Pluto aspect.

Could be a busy 12th House which has seen more suffering than salvation lately. Could be a transit. Could be a Virgo-plenty chart.

It *does* matter what the cause is. Because the chart details point us towards the balm for *you* and yet one thing is clear in general, I think–

That as Pisces Season winds down and as the astrological new year begins and Aries arrives… that it’s well time to build a wall of faith, a wall that cannot be breached. Maybe “wall” is the wrong image for you. Maybe you need a cloud or a bird that keeps flying. Will work on more images. I still haven’t found the right one for me and was hoping the writing of this post would take me there.

But if you can begin building an impenetrable faith it becomes another bone in your body.

I know what you’re thinking — bones break. Remember that Pluto is in Capricorn and Capricorn/Saturn rules building and rules bones and bones break but the body heals.

What is faith for? It is for accomplishing whatever you need or want to accomplish. From burying a body to swimming through the mourning process to a new job to a new baby to that dream you are afraid to dream.

I don’t know if I’m only speaking to the 12th House/Neptunian types here. You’ll have to let me know. I just know that this is my story, part of my story.

So interesting that Rex Bills lists not only Neptune and Jupiter for “faith” but also Pluto 🙂

Neptune is in Pisces now. Jupiter is in Taurus trine Pluto. Neptune is too low to sextile tightly but hell the energy is building… and building… and building…

And this faith? It is REAL. Jupiter trine Pluto in earth signs.

Will you take the Pisces challenge? 


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