Infinite Expansion: Neptune In Pisces

"neptune in pisces"

I do not expect to feel Neptune entering Pisces. It would be like getting a fingerprint from a ghost.

Your first assignment:Β whether YOU feel the movement of this mystical outer planet changing signs.

Begin your own personal history of astrology. Even though *I* don’t feel it, maybe you will.

Also useful would be to revisit your natal Neptune, your 12th House, any Neptune issues you have… because I think that’s where you’ll feel it, in combination with any aspects our new Neptune in Pisces makes in your chart.

Does this make sense? Take out your chart. On paper or on the computer and look at it, finding these important spots – transiting Neptune, natal Neptune, 12th House, and just gaze at it. Let the chart speak to you. The chart WANTS to speak to you. Neptune encourages such mystical listening. Intuition. Psychic stuff. Faith. Angels. Consciousness. The Divine. That which has no limits.

Think about it: that which has no limits. Neptune rules THAT.

My natal Neptune is in the 3rd House of writing. I write a lot. Is there a limit to it? Only if my hands are tied. Transiting Neptune is late in my 6th House and will enter my 7th House of Partnership. Will I live a life of illusion and deception? Or a dream marriage? Neptune will be in my 7th House for a LONG TIME.

Neptune is the ideal. Neptune in Pisces is the IDEAL ideal.

Don’t try to understand it. Feel it.

Neptune also rules tenderness. My natal Venus is in the 12th House. If I love you in that way I feel enormously tender towards you. You know the kind: the kind that gives you the first bite and the last bite of food.

But wherever you put your Neptune in Pisces or your natal Neptune… get a return on it. These energies want reciprocation from us. They don’t want to flatten us, steal us, ruin us. They want us to grow.

How does one grow Neptune-style? Infinitely.


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