In The Mood For Love: Mars In Capricorn

"saturn in scorpio"Mars in Capricorn means Mars in my LOVE House (i.e. the 5th House of romance, fun and games) and today I did a reading for a gal who also will have this transit and I made a prediction for her, based on her chart of course, a love prediction. I don’t dare make one for me. I don’t think I could.

And it’s got me thinking of course! About love. About Mars (desire, passion, sexuality). About the 5th House, supposedly the less serious side of love. About persevering “keep a lid on” Capricorn. And also noticing a New Moon in this 5th house for me, in Capricorn, in January. And then, like a good Cancerian, the mood shifts. Some sadness. Some sweetness. Some… regret.

Whether or not you are looking for love, pay attention to your Capricorn house, okay? It will light up with Mars heading there this weekend and if you have any planets around 21 degrees… that’s a hot spot I’ve got my eye on.

I know, I know I’ve gone from Scorpio to Capricorn, skipping Sagittarius Season in the process. Don’t worry though. The Sags’ won’t let us forget πŸ˜‰


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