In Search Of Your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

I’m reading my buddy Rex Bills, author of The Rulership Book (an astrology classic) for insight into the upcoming Eclipse.

And remember that when you think Sagittarius, you must also think Jupiter and also think 9th House.

Some keywords, my friends: abundance, altars, cheerfulness, foreign countries, faith, exploration, higher education, horses, long journeys, law and order, preaching!, your philosophic tendencies i.e. how you view your life and the world you live in i.e. your perspective, benefactors, benevolence, blessings, expansion, expansiveness, exaggerations, excesses!, fairness, good fortune, your beliefs…

And the list, of course, continues!


My point here πŸ™‚ is that there is going to be an Eclipse in your Sagittarius House. Opposing your Gemini House. Something will change. Something will leave. And yet the changing, the leaving, has the ENERGY OF YES GOOD FORTUNE AND YOUR EXPANSION SO EXPAND BABY EXPAND!!!!!! Even within your grief, if you are grieving, there is hope for you yet.

It may not feel that way, fellow stargazers, star lovers, but it is true.



Jupiter rules search warrants. What are you searching for?Β 

What have you always searched for?

I narrowed it down for myself today:

I search for intimacy and meaning and the presence of God.

We search for what we… have? Or want more of? Which is it?

I’ll spare you my chart details this time around πŸ˜‰

This Eclipse will bring a revelation to your search. Trust me πŸ™‚


Hello to new readers πŸ™‚ I welcome you and appreciate your thoughts and presence. And thanks too to folks who have sent me sweet emails thanking me for readings or for something I’ve written that helped or touched them. I was writing someone that I’m often slow to comment on the comments but know that I read them.

What will you leave behind this year? What’s your next adventure?

Love, MP

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (Eclipse!)Β 

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