In Search Of The Hermit

I have a wild side.

I know what you’re thinking… and that’s *not* what I mean by wild.

My natal Uranus is unaspected (except for a much needed trine to my MC).

And my Mercury Mars squares Jupiter.

When it’s time to go? I go. Mercury Mars square Jupiter: no time to lose!

Oh yes I can stay in situations long past their freshness but then I have these Uranian moments when my soul follows my body out the door. I follow the truth. That’s my wild side.

How does this relate to the Hermit? Read on ­čÖé

But first, a story. One of the many times I sought therapy in my life, I made the mistake of telling the therapist (during the first session) that I was seeking not just support, but insight.  To me, an innocuous word. But to this therapist, not an innocuous word.

She said to me: So you want me to tell you what to do.

Huh? I was stunned.

I had just spent 30 minutes or so answering questions, while trying to ignore that she was suppressing yawns. It was only when I reacted to what she said, that she appeared to wake up. She was arguing with me. It energized her. Was she, mayhaps, a Libra? ­čśë I didn’t ask.

Long story short: not the Guide for me.

When you see The Hermit, wisdom is coming like a freight train. Trust it.

Some keywords from Joan Bunning: introspection, searching, guidance, solitude.

It could even be *you* giving wise counsel when you see the Hermit. It may signify withdrawal and it may signify helping, learning, teaching. The personal quest.

My advice to you: trust your inner Hermit, trust your inner guidance and be wild, free, in your search for wisdom.

Words from Rachel Pollack’s 78 Degrees of Wisdom:

“The great thirteenth-century Kabbalist, Abraham Abulafia, described three levels of Kabbalah.

The first was doctrine, that which can be learned from texts.

The second came from the direct guidance given by a personal teacher, while the third, the most developed, was the direct experience of ecstatic union with God.”

What are your thoughts on the Hermit? 



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