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Jessica Lange, Taurus, in The Postman Always Rings Twice

I never knew how much I responded to other people’s needs — and not my own — until it was pointed out to me, recently. And I wrote about this last week, I think.

I need to take one, two, three steps back to figure out what I actually want and/or need. It doesn’t even occur to me. Automatically I respond to The Other.

The Other looks at me and my instinct is “what can I do,” and it shows up in different ways.

Accepting blame or guilt where it is not necessary. Where it is, even, inappropriate.

Taurus holds their ground, right? Taurus is social, not slipping and sliding in the ether.  Venus-ruled and thus concerned with others, but I am trying to relate to Taurus today primarily as an EARTH sign. And where there is earth there is… something solid as opposed to a floating frequency.

Taurus as relationship, but solid, formed. Steadfast. Staying.


So here I am looking for esoterica into Taurus, the earth, Venus — so I can make some sense of this energy as we sit at the edge here, of the bull. What it means. And that it is wrong to let the month begin without a starting point.

I felt I missed Aries. It was hard for me. Aries is my 8th House. Transits there feel like needles all over my skin, electric, obsessive, complex, painful.

Dare I say that Taurus is simpler? Surely a simpler house, for me anyway. The 9th. I shall expand.


Set an intention not just for the New Moon but for all of Taurus Season. Venus is already in Gemini but Taurus Season is Venus Season.

What do you love, who do you love, what do you value, what do you want, what do you attract, what do you want to attract, do you feel beautiful, do you feel sensual, do you feel, well, lusty? Do you want to? What would make you feel the bounty, the abundance, the full table of Taurus? A new dress? How many new dresses until you are full of new dresses and you vomit them up, purge. Scorpio opposes Taurus. It works both ways. The dress is a metaphor.


Sometimes I would tell Taurus that they are so strong that they can accomplish anything. That’s the high side of famous Taurus fixity. They can, will, keep going. But it can be in pursuit of a goal or it can be to sow the seeds of self-undoing, which is a 12th House keyword but can be applied to any sign on a bad day.


If you want to get something done, ask a Taurus. They WILL do it if they deem it important but if it’s a rush job? Tell them it’s a rush job. The ones I know take their time. Until they don’t.


What happens when you wait, when you Yin, when you Venus instead of pushing, cornering life? Does it only make you more confused? Or do you hook into alignment?

Venus is about love and money. And about attraction, what you attract, bring in. Being receptive. Allowing. Passivity. High Priestess and The Hanged Man (in my humble opinion) more than The  Empress.

Taurus: earth, the body, the physical, sensual, relationship, relating, delight, the good cheese, the good chocolate, the best of everything, even when at a discount.


I know my blog posts today offer more questions than answers and Taurus is not thought of as mystery and yet… Venus is. Why our lives go wrong or right at certain times is… and I relate this to no mumbo jumbo new agey law of attraction but… for real. How can you go about finally bringing in what you want, while working with the energy colliding inside your chart?

Is beauty, is luxury, neutral? Not for Taurus.


Here’s another New Moon in Taurus intention for ya: bury something.

For that situation, that person, that thought, that feeling, that heartbreak, confusion, that guilt, anything that is not yours or that no longer fits. Write it down on a piece of a paper. A post-it will do 😉 and bury it outside in the backyard. Or in a potted plant. Or… wherever the dirt is in your world.

You don’t need to bury it deep but bury it in. And then the rest of the intention, ritual, is a visualization. That you are planting a seed of 1. loss, letting it go and 2. growing a new thought, a new situation, a new person. Fruit, leaf, bird, stone, sky, heaven, spirit, love. That kind of tree.


My New Moon in Taurus intention is going to be about… slowing down. I have a Taurus friend who used to always be… 3 to 4 hours late. For anything and everything. She thought time expanded and she’s gotten better, much better, over the  years. Venus makes an entrance.

But I want to take the good from that funny habit of hers: slow, leisure.

Something about Taurus, too, is private. You can’t tell how well they are treating themselves, and how much they have hoarded for themselves 😉 until they admit it to you. You may occasionally think there is deprivation somehow surrounding them but you’d be wrong. They feed themselves. Don’t you worry.


I hope to get more concrete with the next blog post. We shall see…



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