In Praise of Visualization: Jupiter in my 12th House

"pluto opposition sun"Oh wow. A client the other day suggested I teach a class about intuition, tips for improving, etc. and I thought to myself nah

And I just realized Jupiter in my 12th House is going to bring mega energy to all things meditation, visualization, spiritual, mystical. Also that Jupiter in the 12th is a meditation teacher. Jupiter, like Saturn = teacher.

See, I was about to post about visualization. How I felt sad last night and was imagining birds flying from my heart, releasing the pain, flying off with it, letting it go, and I fell asleep to that.

That reminds me actually: A NEW ASTROLOGY CLASS IF FORMING: these are the details, from my Facebook, and if you have questions please email me at moonpluto@gmail

The NEW CLASS (starting the week of July 21st) is gonna be heavy on the astro (with a smattering of Tarot).

What to expect from the FIRE: upcoming 2014/2015 transits: Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius (and more).

These transits will be ESPECIALLY interesting (I think) for folks whose charts are low in fire! More risks? More bravery? More foolish? More CREATIVE?

But you don’t need to be fire-low to take the class

Individual chart work/transits, discussion topics, rants, raves, and the usual awesome people that I am so lucky to attract!

More details as they develop. 

PayPal $100 gets you IN!

If you PayPal before/on July 15th, the cost is $90 (instead of $100)


The class is held in a Secret Group here on Facebook, thus you can come and go as you please (folks are often in different time zones) and participate when/if you want. Participation is not required by the way. Lurking is fine

I am SO ready to be done with the move and get back to class! My brain is HUNGRY for giving HOMEWORK!! (Of course you don’t have to do the homework but y’all know my Virgo Moon loves to give it. Or maybe it’s my 9th House Saturn ha!)

So I was falling asleep, imagining birds flying from heart, and I realized this is my go-to technique (visualization) especially while my physical/practical life is in transition (due to the move).

It is also said that that 12th House people (I have Venus and Black Moon Lillith there) have the gift for visualization/manifestation. All that energy in you — anxious OR hopeful — is creation energy. You get to choose what to do with your power so PLEASE be conscious of it. I’m telling myself this as much as I’m telling you because lord knows I have a lot of nervous energy.

Let this be a very hot year, my turtledoves. Jupiter in LEO. And that could mean sexual passion for you but overall I mean the flames of creativity. Jupiter expands what it touches and the fire signs symbolize intuition, faith, illumination! This is a deeply spiritual transit! And a fun one. I think I mentioned that on another post. Leo calls to mind the 5th House and its penchant for fun, risk, THE GAMBLE. Where will you gamble?

You guys looking forward to this one? 


My Summer Special is still going on – good for all of July. These are 40 minute readings by Phone or Instant Message, my special blend of Astro/Tarot. I will be back on track later next week once the move is completed!

New Beliefnet post is here! Tarot-scopes for your week ahead