In Praise Of The South Node

"south node in virgo"This is another subway story.

I was on the train, heading to an errand and was reading a book called (and about) Meditation and Kabbalah by a traditional (i.e.. Orthodox) Jewish rabbi who has since passed on and oh how I love his books. Wonderful translations. Clear vision.

Lately I’ve been trying to deepen my understanding of the Sefirot and the Tree of Life and I start and I stop and I start and I stop and I decide which real live person teacher that I want to learn from and then I don’t follow up. I’m going slow. Saturn through my 3rd house perhaps.

I opened up the book to a chapter on colors in relation to the Sefirot, (am reading another book on a similar topic – auras/colors/vibration) and the author was bringing together many ideas from many different Jewish mystics and I was receiving the idea that the Sefirot (God’s emanations) are ways to talk about God — since we cannot really talk about God i.e. words fail. Words cannot describe the ineffable. It becomes false. And the Rabbis get all up in arms about doing it wrong.

And let me preface this next statement by saying I’m a big fan 🙂 of the Cayce readings and Edgar Cayce in general and have been doing the suggested Cayce meditation and tangentially been part of a Cayce community for many years now. And I thought to myself: that’s what Christ is. The Christ is one of God’s emanations. One of the Sefirot.

And THIS thought led me to the South Node. How we are not being asked to abandon the ways and means of the South but first to master it. And that mastery is necessary before advancing to the next level, to the North.

In my chart, I’ve got one of those funny reversals. South Node is Virgo in the 12th House. North Node is Pisces in the 6th House. It’s spiritual service any way you look at it, but I belong free, in daily life, mundane matters. Not cloistered.

I can go to a church, a church I love, near Wall Street, and look up at the stained glass and I feel this feeling that I can’t put into words. Devotion? Desire? Love? Protection? Shelter me. That’s what I said to God when I was there last. I was having one of those days. And I love to feel that feeling. Not the in-need-of-shelter feeling but a feeling that made me, a Jewish girl, consider being a nun when I was young. I still don’t know how to describe it but it’s intense. And overflowing. A bit like the Ace of Cups card. Religious longing, passion, I guess. My Venus is conjunct my South Node.

But, apparently, us 12th House Node people need to learn to live in *this* world.

So that’s been my Friday 🙂 How are you? 



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