In Praise Of The Quit: New Moon In Aries

I was up early this morning.

One of my upstairs neighbors is my alarm clock. I checked-in in the Meditation Hall and went out to walk and the ideas kept coming.

How in Aries Season, anger is a lot more compelling than melancholia.

How Mars in Aries (how EVERYTHING currently in Aries) is squaring my Sun, Mercury, and MARS in Cancer.Β 

My words (Mercury) are not tasty crab meat πŸ™‚ they are raging. Or is it seething? Scathing? None of the above? Maybe it’s just something I feel but don’t express. Tasty crabs can only go so far. Cancers are *not* Scorpios. We retire to the shell. Our weapons are our emotions which are scary only to those who prefer to play dead.

What else I noticed this morning: it can take an entire day to buy fruit. That I never read Mrs. Dalloway. That I want to know how you measure your life, your experience, if it’s not about marriage, kids, and career. And then came the question of whether there are people who actually get what they want in this life. That my clients sometimes ask this question, even when the transits aren’t punishing them. That quitting is the new black. In praise of quitting.

I posted this on Facebook:

Admit it. Name something in your life that you quit. Be proud you quit. There was something or someone else that needed you more. No more guilt for decisions made. New Moon in Aries. Move the fuck on. Quit to your heart’s content. Burn it down.

A stellium of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars in Aries (and Uranus in the vicinity) in your chart SOMEWHERE. Β I’ve probably already said this but let Aries make you brave there. Aries is my 8th House. I can’t afford (8th) not to get close (8th) no matter the cost (8th).

Love, MP


Commercial: I will be doing Mini-Mini-Tarot this evening. Usually it’s one card and a few minutes of conversation (email or IM) – $10 PayPal. Tonight will pull two cards. What you need to quit. What you need to keep.Β 

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