In Praise of Mercury in Cancer

Our friend Mercury is in the late degrees of Gemini and you know what comes after Gemini, right? The sign of the Crab, the sensitive sideways mover, the mother of indirectness: Cancer.

Now I’ve got Mercury in Cancer and yet I do not feel qualified to speak on this topic. See, I usually think I’m being straightforward and direct but Cancer’s reputation is otherwise so… what’s the truth?

"Mercury in Cancer"
Mercury in Cancer

Because I’m at such a loss, I’ll tell a story, an old one: In the Garden, the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Life, God pretty much wanted to know who started it. Well, Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent and you know what? I kinda doubt that any of them had Mercury in Cancer. More like Mercury in Blurt i.e. fire.
Mercury in Cancer is sensitive to others. Mercury in Cancer doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Mercury in Cancer can feel other people. When I go on the train each day? I can feel if a person is… ready to get rowdy or totally neutral or crazy-dangerous or crazy-not-dangerous. Mercury isn’t just how we speak but how we write, think, understand, perceive. Communication. It goes both ways.

Mercury in Cancer isn’t necessarily quiet, but can be subtle, so subtle that you miss it, and it remembers EVERYTHING. Water retains. You say something that hurts Mercury in Cancer? They’ll remember forever and possibly bring it up, kindly, gently, sensitively the next time you do that thing or say that thing.

Mercury in Cancer, above all, doesn’t want to hurt with words, unlike Mercury in Scorpio who is so damn good at it. And maybe they don’t consider it hurting. Mercury in Cancer will do everything it can to prevent this, even if it knows, and it usually does, exactly what to say that will wound.  We keep such secrets to ourselves.

Remember, too, that Mercury rules the hands and Mercury in Cancer has sensitive hands, nurturing hands. Healing hands? Probably, yeah.

My question for you: who has the best Mercury?

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