In Praise Of Libra

flaming june

I’ve got Libra on the brain and yes Libra Season is over but Saturn is still in Libra, for another year yet, so we’re Not Done.

Libra is known for her (or his) ability to cooperate, harmonize, appease. Merge. But until Libra can push out her own identity, she’s an image. Like those booklets of paper dolls with the perforated edges.

I want to praise Libra though because Libra is more sensitive than we usually realize and more afraid than we usually realize and is so good at supporting, cheerleading, blending, but similar to what I was saying above: until Libra can see herself outside of how others see her? She’s lost.

Not that she doesn’t need people and partnership because she does, that’s Libra nature. But something else needs to emerge.

Libra would do well to make herSELF her partner and then the rest will follow.

What do you think about when you think about Libra? 

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