In Honor Of Cancer Season I Bring You Mars

"Sun in Cancer"
Famous Cancerian Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice

A Public Service Announcement from my Mars:

I have Mars in Cancer. I dislike trashy images of women. Images that denigrate or trivialize or exploit. Mars in Cancer is protective of women and their dignity is always foremost in my mind.

I know this goes against the grain of much of the world today. This is a touchy subject for many, especially in a supposedly post-feminist American society, and I’m just barely scratching the surface here. Not going into the nuances at the moment.

Times are hard, times have always been hard. I don’t begrudge women the need to make a living. What does get to me though is… it seems nothing has changed. That women’s value is still based on their parts. I also think men and women tend to underestimate the power of these images and how they hurt, how they create impossible standards, how they lead to eating disorders, obsession with plastic surgery etc etc etc. Self-hatred for generations.

Any images you see here, I hope, if they are of women, will be of strong and interesting women. Because if I had a daughter, that’s what I’d want her to see.

The commodification of women and their sexuality (and sex in general) is not a new story but it’s not a story I’m going to tell, other than from the point of view of Mars in Cancer, which sustains and protects.

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