In Bed with Aries (Storytime!)

I dated a Mars in Aries once. He was fast. The very first kiss was with tongue. Big probing tongue! It was winter, we were sitting outside on a park bench. He kept me warm. And not only was he fast, but when he was done? It was on to the next thing. And I don’t just mean the kiss; I mean that Aries likes to be on the move! Vroom vroom vroom.

But we should never consider *only* the Mars placement when talking about compatibility, right? Look to the Moon for the emotionals and the Sun for the basic-getting-along-ness. And Venus? I’m thinking a lot about Venus these days. About what the hell she’s actually doing between two people looking for love. I’m starting to think she’s the *least* important of the personal planets when it comes to synastry.

But back to Mars in Aries: he was fast, he was vroom, he knew what he liked, he knew what he wanted… Well, he liked just about everything. He had a Mars Venus sextile in his natal chart. Women liked him. Women smiled at him. Everywhere he went. I used to tease him that he’d probably never spent a night alone in his life.

Mars in Aries bottom line: Wasn’t great for me. Squared my Mars in Cancer. But I’d no doubt have found this placement more palatable in a wholly water chart. Or with some down-to-earth earth. See, there’s a difference between Aries and Scorpio, both signs having to do with Mars. There’s a difference between fast fire and deep focus. Eh, what matters is the love. I’m a romantic 🙂

Famous last words: but you just got here!

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