I’m Trying, I’m Trying: Thoughts On The North Node (In Libra)

"saturn in sagittarius" This is how I feel about the North Node:  I’M TRYING I’M TRYING

It feels and sounds kind of desperate. It howls. I was thinking of the North Node by transit, but it fits with the natal Node as well. Hard to get there. But transits are like billboards. Impossible to ignore if we know where to look, which highway to drive down.

Somehow I always seem to forget the Nodes. When I’m looking at the Week Ahead, the Stars Ahead, and writing up my computations and energy report… I space. Venus in Capricorn conjoined Pluto and was square Uranus. I forgot about the Nodes. Mercury too (TODAY) and the Sun in Capricorn will repeat this as well. DO NOT FORGET THE NODES (currently at 15 Libra/Aries) I tell myself.

North Node in Libra in my such and such house and I PRAY I beseech I say PLEASE HELP ME to anyone who will listen up there HELP!

What is “easy” is the South Node, the “preselected option.” The lack of consciousness. The hoping for the best.

I’ve come to believe that where the North Node is for you… may feel brutal. If you feel pain, find your Libra House. Something is not quite right there.

How to make it right? Good question! 

One thought about Saturn entering Sagittarius!!!!

NOW that Saturn is in Sagittarius we can make sense of Saturn in Scorpio. The 9th House makes meaning of the traumas of the 8th. What was supported while Saturn was in Scorpio? The infernal. What is supported now? Light. And I’m not talking about individual people. I’m talking about ENERGY.

I was telling the folks in the Saturn in Sag class today (from Rex Bills) that Saturn rules abandoned places. We went from a Scorpio bone yard to… LAND primed for exploration. See, we need the dark and the light. Dark isn’t bad. I’m a shadow person myself but I admit it feels damn good right now to have Saturn (effort) in the sign the Archer and Arrow, speeding through the air. MAKE IT GO FASTER BRING ME MY FUTURE AND LET IT BE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Let it be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Let Saturn in Sag show us all what we need to DO (Saturn) to be lucky (Sagittarius) and happy.



How to bring some peace of mind to your Libra House, where the North Node is transiting. How to make it better. How to make it right. 

Try this at home. Venus rules Libra. Find your natal Venus. What House is it in. Do something of that House. An action related to the nature of that House in your chart. It reminds me of my theatre days. You can’t just have talking heads in a play. They need to do stuff! They need actions for their words. A good director can really help with this 🙂 You are the director. Do something for your Venus.

Next, do something related to the sign your Venus is in. Follow the same steps.

Some of you may feel this is just what you need, on an intuitive level. That you can’t explain it, and that’s fine. I’m not sure I can explain it either but I think it will help.

You can tell me in the comments how it went!! 

Love, MP


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