If There Is An Eyesore (Retrograding)


You aint’ going nowhere.

Not right now.

You can make a plan. You can make a plan. YOU. CAN. MAKE. A. PLAN.

You can make many plans. But you ain’t going nowhere. Not right now.

And yet, this is REVELATION time. (If there is an eyesore in your midst, just let it be. Or shut your eye.)

Timeline:  you want action?

Mars goes direct May 20th (not so bad!).

Saturn goes direct July 20th.

Do you like this number, 20? THIS IS THE JUDGEMENT CARD IN THE TAROT.

And I like the Judgement card. To me? It heralds good news. THE good news. And I REALLY like good news.

(I sincerely hope you are one of those people for whom things are coming together whether this is at the manifestation level or just SIGNS SIGNS SIGNS that you are seeing due to Jupiter now direct SOMEWHERE in your  chart. Jupiter/Sagittarius rules parades! And prophesy!)

Greer says:
Spiritual truth. Change and transformation. Recognizing a purpose behind events. Resurrection. Awakening.

Pollack says:
A push, a call from within to make some important change. IN EFFECT THE PERSON, OLD SELF, OR SITUATION HAS ALREADY CHANGED, and it is simply a matter of recognizing it

Sharman-Burke says:
clean slate. Renewal

Crowley says:
Be every Act a Source of radiant Glory

My darlings, I wish you a moment of radiant glory today.

I am learning so much about love, it is making me sick. Sick with knowledge and experience. I mean that in a good way but what I mean is that it’s overwhelming. Guess that long Venus in Capricorn transit was good for something 😉

See, I am starting to feel that every love story is filled with collateral damage. Every marriage. Every affair. Every … you know that feeling…. “will he call?” Every time your heart pumps that love blood.

Astonishing when you realize it. And when this realization comes to you after a period of time, months, years, after a period of time, you realize this love is… smacking you upside the skull with a 2×4 on the bad days. And on the good days? I have a hard time finding the words but I will look for the words or I will take a picture of how I feel right now as I type this. If feelings could be photographed. And it’s nothing like the movies, truly. It’s nothing at all like the movies. It’s nothing you could have planned or prepared for. And I always knew that. Even before.

So we’ve been making these Cancer Sagittarius videos and posting them here and on youtube and I feel there is a limit to how open and honest I can be. First of all, I’m a private person. Second, no relationship is perfect. Third, I need to respect his privacy. So I’ll do my best with my blog posts and the videos to be as open as I can because I know it helps others and…

But I wanted to share that moment with you, when you realize that you have to make it work because you love each other too much to part. And this is a formidable moment because Cancer Sagittarius compatibility and longevity requires the patience of Job from both parties. And then the terror creeps in. The What Ifs!

This is why, my friends, this is why, some humans (and I know many) don’t bother to love. Can’t get it up for love. They don’t dare. They don’t dare get THIS CLOSE to what it feels like to be Job. Because there is always that risk of losing it. And we could talk about Saturn and we could talk about Chiron but why ruin the moment 😉

See y’all later (more to come…)
Love, MP

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