If The Moon Is In Taurus Why Do I Feel Like I’m Underwater?

"mars square mars"

I just chewed an entire pack of Orbit gum.

What’s the astrology?

Can I blame the Moon in Taurus? The Moon rules food and Taurus rules comfort and I just ate dinner and I don’t want to snack mindlessly and there was the gum! Comfort gum! Yeah right… not the same as Bearitos!

The Sun hasn’t been in Aries all that long and I swear all I feel is Taurus. It’s like the Sun is underwater and yet Taurus is earth so maybe it’s Mercury retrograde into Pisces that feels so muddy and murky to me and I am reminded of April on the way which means Mercury direct and Mars direct.

Aries, as well, is my 8th House which is Scorpio’s natural house so that could partly be why I’m feeling the water vibe. Or is it that New Age music I’m listening to with the waterfall sounds 😉

Mercury and Saturn are inconjunct right now which means… they don’t have anything in common. Mercury is in a water sign and Saturn is in an air sign. Mercury is in a mutable sign and Saturn is in a cardinal sign. How can they possibly understand each other. Key word for the inconjunct is “adjustment.”

Oppositions can see each other across a crowded room. For example you know Aries sees that pretty Libra over there! And squares are inside you — you live with that tension. Fixed squares, for example, are the hardest to work through. Why? Because they are FIXED. They don’t move. The problem keeps coming up.

And this reminds me of a synastry thing — I had Mars square Mars with my ex-boyfriend and it did feel that we could “move through the energy” because the square was in cardinal signs. Cardinal is dynamic, creative energy that WANTS to change and grow. On the other hand… Mars in Aries vs. Mars in Cancer? Ouch!

But back to the inconjuct: Mercury and Saturn together in this aspect could mean that… you don’t know when to speak. Not that you don’t WANT to speak. It becomes a matter of timing. And maybe it is what to say or how to say it. Somehow the natural communication gets interrupted. You overthink. Or others overthink what you say. Or that’s how it feels to you. That you feel like you must adjust something so basic… it’s like you need a new signature. You must adjust to yourself.

Do you have inconjuncts in your chart? Do you adjust? 


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