I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse And You Can Too! (And A Testimonial)

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Just a little bit of business this morning before I write a REAL blog post 🙂

First here’s a link to my Facebook page which has a new video on it.

Not an Astrology Video yet 🙂

I’m still playing with Photo Booth but announcing my plan to start making Morning Moon Videos and also kinda getting used to the idea of being seen. I like Photo Booth because it’s grainy 🙂

Other news:

A lady with a lot of lovely Libra emailed me yesterday in response to our Reading and I asked if I could publish it as a Testimonial so here it is!

“Our conversation has been replaying through my head all day; that was an amazing reading, Aliza, and came at the perfect time.

I love and appreciate the way you tune in and break things down. Through email or phone and over thousands of miles, you tune in, connect, and translate. Thats really a gift.

Everything you said resonates and is so right-on. Thank you SO very much.”

Thank you too. I know it sounds corny of me, but it really is an honor to be a witness to the lives of others. To trust and be trusted.

Okay, enough mush. Let us continue on with this lovely rainy-in-the-Big-City Full Moon moment.

Love, MP

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