I Need To Vacuum. Do I Wait For Mars Direct?

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I’ve got a long post to post but I may wait until tomorrow.

It’s a companion piece to the body-image blog post that I wrote yesterday but I actually wrote it a day before when I was having Pluto thoughts 🙂

Looking ahead to the weekend…

Mars stations direct yes! Tomorrow night, Big City time and the other big news this weekend is the exact Sun Saturn opposition on Sunday.

Saturn the Taskmaster in Libra, the sign of relationships and good teeth 😉 butting heads with our fearless Sun in Aries.  I shrug my shoulders at this aspect and I hope I don’t regret it but what can we do?

We can only return to our charts and see what these two dudes aspect and I see they are up the ass of my Cancer Mars and I stop shrugging my shoulders.

My natal Jupiter is involved in this too. Saturn is currently squatting on him and it’s 2nd House/8th House. Money, self-worth, sex, dead people. Huh?  Yes! The 8th House rules death, the dead, possessions of the dead…

With aspects like these I’m glad that Pluto is not so tightly square to Uranus yet…

And I’m glad that this is happening on Sunday and not a Monday!

(Skip this section if you want; it will probably bore you: I decide to look at my chart for that day and aha! Saturn Retrograde does sextile my natal Venus and I see that the Sun will actually be 2 degrees past squaring my natal Mars and that it’s the Sun trine to my Venus and the Saturn sextile to my Venus that is EXACT. (I use wide orbs in general but this time I’ll shut my eyes and take those 2 degrees ya know?))

But actually what my chart tells me is that the action that is desired is blocked but the love isn’t. Not so bad. The love is right on time. And yet.. the manifestation is delayed. But the delay is temporary because the Sun is moving forward and Saturn is moving backwards and this transit to my Mars has many more months to go… I smell a blog post forming 😉

Now you go and do the same. Go plot Sun and Saturn in your natal chart and see what energies are stopping or moving or forming or waking up or throwing up or…


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