I Myself Am Hell: Full Moon In Scorpio

"full moon in scorpio"

I don’t have much more than an image to share for this blog post — an excerpt from a poem by Robert Lowell – “Skunk Hour” which I read and learned and loved when I was an undergraduate.

Today on the train, that line came to me, “I myself am hell” which I think is actually a line from Milton that Lowell borrowed (or so I remember my Norton Anthology telling me) and reminded me of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Pluto rules hell.


What is your idea of the Underworld?

And I don’t mean fire and brimstone and horror movie I mean… descending to ascend. Going down to go up.

That you must pluck something from the gardens of hell this Full Moon in Scorpio and return to this world with it. Maybe you didn’t think it was worth reviving. And maybe you did. Maybe you weren’t sure.

Trust me: there is something down there for you to bring back.

Here is a link to Lowell’s poem in its entirety


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