I Live In Pluto Country

I am a jealous woman but I have known others far more jealous than me, men and women.

How do I know this? They have told me, provided examples.

Their jealousy makes ME, mine, seem like a firefly rather than a strike of lightening or a house on fire.

Thinking of one friend: Scorpio on her descendent and she has avoided relationships for YEARS partly because her jealousy is so intense (but not pathological she says) — it causes her pain. Better to avoid the whole thing than run the risk of killing someone, so to speak.

And then there are those who DO kill. Crimes of passion (a term I hate but bear with me).

Am I in their league? No. Not going to do kill. But I have my um moments. My 1st House Moon Pluto conjunction (despite being very well aspected) is a marker for emotionally intensity and has the potential to disrupt (or even destroy) what is precious. Ugh.

Also, speaking personally and maybe you can relate: the more I fear that I have something to lose, the more vulnerable I feel, at risk, the louder my jealousy sings. Cue slamming door. Prideful bellowing Venus in Leo doesn’t help matters either.

What are your experiences? What does your chart say? 


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