I Came Here For The Sex: Thoughts On Chiron In The 8th House

"Moon Pluto"
In The Realm Of The Senses

I love the movie In The Realm Of The Senses and I love this still from the movie. Look at how she’s cradling him. Look at her expression; even her face appears to be holding on for dear life. And his? Kind of bemused, right? Like.. he gets it, he understands her. It’s sweet. And deep. He’s allowing her (sexual) expression, making room for it. There is tenderness in this photo. The movie was controversial upon release, based on a true story; you can Google all that if you’re interested. But this movie, this still, came to mind because I’ve got the 8th House on my mind.

What is sex? Union with the other. And with God, if you’ve got a 12th House thing going on. I titled this post I Came Here For The Sex because I thought it was cute but also because I believe it’s true. How do I know this? Chiron in my 8th shows the wound that must be healed but can’t be healed and thus the terrible magnificent drive is born. And my First House Pluto shows the obsession with the self, the desire for control over the self, which shoots its power energy over to the 7th House, to the other. Can’t do it alone, babe. Needs Help.

Where’s your Chiron? What can’t you heal? 

It is easy to choose wrongly, to choose the wrong person, people, to be intimate with. It kind of makes the world go round, how prevalent it is, and how sad that is. And I do believe it’s different for men than for women. A woman is entered and a man (the masculine principle) does the entering. Her body, closed, opens. All of this matters; it’s not metaphorical.

So, a body, a soul, is entered, and voila! There is life. And I don’t necessarily mean a baby… I mean LIFE. LIFE FORCE by which I mean… the pleasure and the intimacy with another that God wants you to have. Speaking of God, I must sound like a religious nut or something, but if you get what I’m saying… then you get what I’m saying, and I don’t need to explain a thing. But I’ll keep trying anyway, in my own elliptical Neptune in the 3rd House way. Which, in fact, trines my natal Mars. Okay. What I’m trying to say is this: to fuck is divine.

The Kabbalists say that even an orgasm that does not result in a child creates an angel, creates energy. So choose wisely.

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