I am the Mars (thoughts on the Composite Chart)

This morning I informed my boyfriend that a number of his female Facebook friends look like hookers. Not that they are hookers, but that they cultivate that look. Well, a certain hooker look from a certain era: perms, boobage, slinky outfits, come-hither looks. You know what I mean. And not that I have anything against hookers. It was just something I… noticed about his collection of “Friends.”  He claimed not to notice. LOL?

In our Composite Chart, we have a Mars Saturn opposition. Hello!!!! I block (Saturn) his sex (Mars). I make a boundary (Saturn) around his sex (Mars). It’s mine now. I claim it. Well, he gives it, and then I claim it.(And he may have a different version of this story, but it’s my blog ;))

Here’s another way this Mars Saturn opposition plays out: I was trying to figure out a name for him, a nickname of some kind, to use for him on my blog. I asked for his suggestions and then one-by-one, I vetoed them all. They didn’t fit me. I saw this as Mars Saturn again as I blocked his creativity, creativity being a generative, regenerative force. Very Mars.

This is not a complaint, by the way. I love our Composite. It’s got its warm and fuzzy, along with crunchier aspects. The way it should be. I mean, if it were all warm and fuzzy? We’d be Just Friends.

My old astrology teacher used to say that the Composite was like two people in a room together and the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Love in a vacuum.

I can definitely say that I feel it though, and I see it, too, in action, every day. But what if I’ve got it all wrong? What if I am the Mars? Hmm.

Note to self: research the derivation of hooker

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