I Am Obsessed With The Total Lunar Eclipse In Libra & Here’s Another Reason Why

"uranus square pluto" I want to talk to you about Pluto leaks, power leaks.

See, there are all these ways to lose power. Some of them we cannot help. Like the city has a power outage and you are suddenly in the dark.

I had an incident yesterday. No fault of my own. But I got Pluto-ed. And I came home, upset by this (it wasn’t exactly a run-in with the law per se but it was with Authority Figures and you may say this is Saturn but it is Pluto too) and there was nothing I could do. It happened. The only thing I can do now is decide what next. Do I pay or do I fight? I already paid yesterday, in energy.

And it made me think about all the little ways, all the little ways we lose or give up our power. Like having a roommate who never does any housework. Maybe you are grateful to split the rent and bills and have someone to talk to sometimes, but you still lose. Some compromises are worth it. Some aren’t. You must decide! Always measuring, always weighing.

Where is the leak? Where in your life is the leak? There are probably more than one. And do you have the power to plug it up? Do you want to plug it up? Is it time? It’s not always time. Sometimes there is a trade-off, like with my example above. You  accept the devil you know. Or maybe it’s just not time to move. So you tolerate, as best you can, a situation where no one cleans up but you. Or maybe it’s your husband or wife, not a roommate, but your partner. And NO ONE CLEANS UP BUT YOU (yes, this is a metaphor now).

Such matters are on my mind because this week’s TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA is direct and I do mean DIRECT information about the power dynamic in your relationships, all of them. Total revelation. The plant medicine is above ground. You can feel it, see it, touch it, hear it. You can taste the Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

This Eclipse will present to you a leak or too.  That’s what it tastes like. This is also your Uranus Pluto story. How you’d been drained of life-force, blood, due to these leaks. It may be something very small actually, but worth your attention. Adjust it and you’ll feel much better 🙂

Your thoughts? 

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