Hurricane Irene: After The Storm And The New Moon In Virgo

"hurricane irene"
I love Battery Park

A professor friend of mine told me that his buddies in the meteorology department told him that predicting the weather is “an art, not a science.” I grew up in Miami. There’s no way to know which way these things will turn for sure. Many will probably accuse Mayor Bloomberg of overreacting, but… I think he did right. Any “inconvenience” no doubt saved lives and no I’m not related to the Mayor 😉 Did listening to all that AM radio make me nervous? Yes. But I was prepared. I didn’t lose power, but I had my radio, batteries, food that wouldn’t spoil, cat food and litter, water for washing… and I do think I was picking up on some collective fear and dread.

The thing that surprised me the most though, besides the fact that once I stopped anticipating the storm, and the storm was here, and I felt calm, even blissful, the tropical wind and rain reminding me of Miami… the thing that surprised me the most were the men in my life. For the first time in my life, there are men. And I don’t just mean the Dude, the object of my profound affection 😉  Two male friends checked up on me with emails and texts and phone calls, wanting to make sure everything was alright.

Today’s New Moon in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto in Capricorn and is, of course, conjunct the Sun. That’s what a New Moon is: Sun and Moon married 🙂 Venus is at 8 Virgo and Jupiter gets pulled in too to at 10 degrees Taurus.

What will you do with this Grand Trine in Earth? The same questions remain: do you feel solid, stable? Do you want to? Do you feel supported? Who supports you? What will you plant? What will you intend? Where are your seeds? What are they? Are you ready to build? 

Mercury is now direct. I know he needs to clear Leo before a new cycle begins in Virgo, but I want you to… move. Move forward now. The Mars Saturn square is separating too. Use the Virgo energy and the New Moon to think and to plan. Thoughts are things, said Edgar Cayce.

Virgo discerns. Pluto intensifies. Venus desires. Jupiter expands. It sounds like love to me, but love with eyes open, all that earth keeping it real.

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