Humpty Dumpty And More From The 12th House

"liza minnelli"
Liza Minnelli has Venus in the 12th House

This is a continuation of the previous post and inspired by some of the reader comments.

Astrologers pretty much say that the 12th House is debilitated, the dustbin of the zodiac, and I respect history, I respect the astrologers. My Cancer Sun sextiles my Saturn in Taurus: respect, protect, the elders, the family, the yearning of the ancestors.

And I agree. The 12th House is the the House of Self-Undoing, to use that famous phrase. A hidden House. We can’t really see what’s going on in there. But if you want to try, then use a little flashlight. Gain insight bit by bit. Poke around.

Imagine some moon and stars cut out and you paste them on the walls of that House, your 12th House. See it all better now. And a New Moon in the 12th House (like I’m going to have soon) could open up some of this hidden stuff like a treasure chest of… who knows???

But what about the person who lives with their 12th House, lives IN their 12th House? They need to know this energy, figure out what working with this energy means.

So if you un-do, and you will, as a 12th House person, how do you put your self (or your emotions or your love) back together again? Like Humpty Dumpty. We have to master what makes us want to give up so that we do not give up. (Tangent: the North Node is the who or the what that is with us for the journey. Have to get there. Have to find them/him/her/it/that.)

Opal on the blog mentioned Chiron in the 12th and in my post this morning I was going to say that some people only feel the compassion and then don’t act. What then?

And Amberjane with her sweet Virgo self wants to figure it all out πŸ™‚

But for now, for a moment, rest in the thing without finding the answer to the thing. This is the Pisces way, I think. And I say this as a Virgo South Node. Sometimes aha moments are years in the making.

For Amberjane, if we’re talking Pisces/8th, then merging is also at stake, clinging and holding to the other (I forget why I’m using Cancerian imagery too, but it must be something she said about Cancer/4th House that inspired it.) And if Pisces is her 9th? Then maybe it’s her job to teach those in her circle and become one with the teaching. Maybe she thinks she has nothing to teach. Maybe Opal feels she has nothing to give, but they’re wrong πŸ™‚

Sometimes I feel like a korban, a sacrifice. That I was given these ugh particular experiences so that I could try to help others. (Another tangent:Β  this is where Pluto is in your chart: Pluto shows what’s been taken away before you were ready.)

I know this is all very stream of consciousness, more so than usual even. I’ve got Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio and if you swim with me, I know you’ll open into your own stream and you’ll stop by the bank and drink and be whole again, as Robert Frost wrote.

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