Hugging The Crystals

"moon pluto"
Ouch be careful when you hug this one!

Beth cracked me up in the comments just now. Earlier today I was writing a gloomy Saturn transit post and mentioned that I’d post some cheery rainbow hug-the-crystals- blogpost later. And she was wondering where it was. Thanks for that, Beth 🙂

My hug-the-crystals post was indeed another Saturn transit post. It was about looking for the GOOD aspects in your chart i.e. if you are having a Saturn transit look in your natal for your Saturn natal aspects. And if you have no good natal Saturn aspects? Keep breaking it down: look at your Capricorn, look at your 10th House, break it down break it down break it down. Break it down like Saturn is breaking you down.

Maybe not so hug-the-crystals, but at least something TO DO, some action to take, some thought to being thinking… to keep the negative monkey mind away away away away.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn is an earth sign so… Saturn transits demand we BE REAL. Heh, they force this out of us, squeeze it out. I got a reality check this morning. I got one last week too. I only wish these reality checks PAID MORE 😉 Or, yeah, didn’t bounce.

Earth is supported now. Water too. Why? Because we’ve got Sun and Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus. We’ve got Mars in Cancer still. Moon’s in Sagittarius now but she’s gonna head to Capricorn in a couple of days and conjunct Pluto BUT make trines to the earth stuff and sextile Mars.

So hug your crystals for me, okay? Just be careful with the pointy ones 🙂

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