How will Neptune Direct Affect You? Horoscopes For All Signs!

"neptune goes direct"Aries: You can’t think your way out of this goop, this fog, this gruel. Don’t even try. But Neptune direct is, at least, forward movement in your spiritual life! Your connection to the Divine! Your mental health! Yay? And how you restrict yourself. How DO you restrict yourself? Solve the puzzles when you sleep and dream and speak in tongues. Seeking the crystal clear  would be a mistake. What you need to do is swim. And have faith that the waters are waters of life, not dissolution. If you are suffering from any addictions at this time, you will make progress.

Taurus: That thing you thought you could not have, out of your reach, it’s coming back. The worthy goal. What is it? Who is it? It could be more than one person, more than one dream, an entire network of rose-colored wishes, and you don’t need to color in all the lines, but you DO need the yearning. The potential trap here is in getting too attached. As soon as you stake your claim, you run the risk of dissolvement so keep your angels and intentions to yourself. Let the dreams go *and* grow in the brambles inside you. Tell no one.

Gemini: Too much confusion for one lifetime. So much glitter to turn your pretty head. But Serve or Suffer is the Pisces/Neptune key phrase and that’s the wisdom here. And what I love most about this transit for you is the mask. It’s okay to wear one. Or more than one. Truth through disguise is not the same as lying. It’s art. Make your life a work of art. Make your WORK a work of art, no matter how driftless and flimsy you feel at times. And this: fly high. Don’t look down.

Cancer: Recently I told a girl to go back to school to become a healer and she’s reminding me of you, Cancer. Of course that advice was particular to her, but you are a spiritual teacher, aren’t you? What I see here is you less certain and I like that. And I  know that Cancer doesn’t like that but Cancer can get stuck in the past and Neptune through the house of your higher mind is removing the veil between how things are and how you wish they were. Time for you to inspire and, yes, believing in yourself would be helpful. Defenses down!

Leo:  Sex. Superior mind-blowing sex. You knew I was going to say that, right? No? Because now you have to mean it, Leo. Heart-sex. Soul-sex. Body to body with no barrier sex. The kind humans are *supposed* to have. Intimately. What’s painful for you is actually imagining that you can get your needs met after all this time, but I see it happening. Repeat after me: I love you. Now go tell her that.

Virgo: Oh oh oh long-suffering Virgo. Love hurts and love heals concurrently. And I  know you know that Neptune and Chiron are traveling together. And I know you know that risk is equal to the worth-it factor. If astrologers aren’t predicting twin flame true love for you this Neptune cycle, then tell them they’re out of their minds. This IS the transit you’ve been waiting for and I really don’t have the words. Listen to these songs instead. You’ll hear what I hear. Patrick Watson – LighthousePatrick Watson – Noisy Sunday.

Libra: Dear Libra, it’s time for you to find balance and sweetness in your daily life again. Saturn bit you and the wound has not healed properly. This body is condemned said Saturn but YOU’RE HERE so take your tools and start digging up bodies. Resurrection Day. I know this sounds more Pluto than Neptune but you’ve been through hell. Neptune alone isn’t enough. You need weapons of mass… delight.

Scorpio: You aren’t used to feeling this good but you deserve it. Is it okay for me to pat your head like this? I’m not patronizing. I’m happy for you. Neptune direct will soften the coming blows. Imagine someone beating you, but your body is made of pillows. You absorb. You preserve your shape. I know this image is intense but that’s you, dark angel of the zodiac. One more thing: inspect your dreams. And then base your life on them.

Sagittarius: It’s not that you mind change. It’s that you also seek meaning in it. And chaos is like snow: there’s an eerie silence that calms the rest of us but slows you down. But for you, more than the other signs, the IDEAL is here and now. It’s at home and in your heart. Practically speaking, this means you FEEL at home, which is, actually, the dream of every Sagittarius. That there comes a moment when you stop needing to run. Yup. It’s here.

Capricorn: I feel a little bad for you. Just a little 😉 Neptune is messing with your mind and there’s work to be done! Backwards or forwards, it hardly matters, but if you pay attention, you’ll see. See what? See that you are looking, perceiving differently. Were you a dreamer before? You are now 😉 Look at yourself. I’m serious. Go look in the mirror. In your eyes. It’s a gift, little goat. Open it up.

Aquarius: Yes, you CAN make money at it. No matter how strange it seems or off the wall or inconceivable. Replace doubt with trust and make sure you give it away. No, not the money. The money is YOURS. But you can afford to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and comfort the grieving. What you give and must give cannot be measured. I know it wasn’t your choice, but you walk on holy ground now. Say yes your calling. We need you.

Pisces: When you look in the mirror, who do you see? I was telling the goat to look but for you I tell the opposite. Shut your eyes. Neptune in your sign, retrograde or forward, is like the blind leading the blind, but the nectar of this transit is the conjure itself. Your magic? More potent than ever. 1. Dream it and 2. Do it. As Edgar Cayce said, thoughts are things and you’ve always longed to be reunited with the Cosmos, with every seed, every whisker, ever snowflake, crystal, ray of light, particle, cell, your true home. Now you can. And, no, you’re not crazy.



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