How Venus Is Your Venus (The Venus Blogs Continue…)

"venus square saturn" The fact that a well-aspected Venus makes it much easier for you to attract.

Self-aware Venusians will admit this. They attract what they want and what they don’t want. They attract across the board. That is the gift of the well-aspected Venus. Being able to attract (to draw to you, to magnetize others so that they GIVE to you or WANT you which often means giving to you) does NOT automatically mean that the choices you make (following these attractions) are healthy, sound, good, or good for you.

You may attract Mr or Ms Wonderful AND Mr or Ms Butthole and choose Mr or Ms Butthole EVERY TIME.

See? Your Venus is in great shape but your self-esteem, self-worth, still sucks. And/or you have Neptune goggles and see POTENTIAL of the person and ignore the fact that they are mean, broke, and won’t help with the housework.

Venus isn’t everything, but a “happy” natal Venus is a good thing in my humble opinion. Makes LIFE easier. Wouldn’t you RATHER have people giving you gifts? The “dark shadow” side of the good Venus people? Laziness, using others. Oh I don’t need to bother because he (or she) is going to do it. Venus WAITS. Venus draws to her/him. Wise Venus is self-aware and uses her/his powers to create beauty in the world without abusing others.

An example to make a point:

I get clients who get “too many men” and then I get clients in a man-desert. Both are unhappy. Both are searching and yes more often than not, the Too Many has that Venus Mars sextile or trine or Venus on/aspecting the 7th/descendent which depending on the chart may bring more SEXUAL attention than “marry me” attention or “serious relationship” attention (because other chart factors come into play). And those in a man-desert start to feel like pariahs and may choose behaviors that go against THEIR OWN NATURE in order to attract or seduce.

"pluto opposition sun"The Women in the Tarot are Goddesses and Venus is but one of the many faces of the Goddess. Empress, all the Queens, High Priestess. Strength. Star. World. Three of Cups. Eight of Swords. Nine of Pentacles.  (I would love to see an all female Tarot but that’s another story.)

Consider for a moment that the Eight of Swords is a “badly” aspected Venus (natal or transit). She has difficulty drawing what she wants — or she has tension once she gets it.

I was looking through one of my books from the Occult Library this morning and found some notes in the margin. Yes I’m that girl. I write in the margins:

Venus square Saturn: attracting restriction. Attracting cold lovers. Trouble enjoying what you have.
Venus square Neptune: attracting liars, deception.

Venus values getting along with others. Something I talked about in the previous blog post. Venus and CONNECTION.

Quoting Joyce Levine:

Venus is the principle of attraction. We typically think of attraction  as passive. Yet attraction is an inviting energy that draws to us what we want.

(Thus the reputation for Libra or other Venusian types as more controlling than you may think — this attraction they are “doing” is not passive at all but “appears” so i.e. NOT doing something on purpose is very much DOING SOMETHING just indirectly for whatever reason but most often to achieve a goal. The Venus square people have a harder time with this indirect accomplishment.)

In the plant kingdom, writes Levine, flowers are the reproductive part of the plant. Their scent and beauty attract animals and insects…. In the same way, beauty and sociability draw people to us.

I like Tess Holliday and like posting her images because to me she is very Venusian. She is a model after all, presenting beauty and glamor. But she is creating a new “ideal.”

Now, we don’t really need any more ideals of women BUT this one so flies in the face of convention and today’s beauty standards. She also presents more than beauty and glamor — she presents self-love which is DEEPER VENUS.

Fat women, big women, in the culture where I exist, are supposed to be hidden away, not thought of as beautiful or sexy (except as fringe fetish), and of course lectured about their health (as if it’s anyone’s business, as if thin = healthy). Anyway, Tess’ existence in the world and her very public career is creating a powerful trickle-down effect for me and for many women.

We LIVE in our bodies, every day. Our bodies should not always be works in progress. Oh I’ll do such and such when I’m thin. Love myself when I’m thin. Get a boyfriend when I’m thin. Climb that mountain when I can fit in such and such size. That kind of thinking is LIMITING you (Venus square Saturn) which is your choice but why not live instead of die?

That’s all for now, my friends. See you later with more Venus xx

"venus square neptune"

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