How To Write A Poem: The Stars This Week

I have some memories that are buried.

I don’t mean traumatic ones.

Got those too, but that’s not what I mean and those aren’t buried. They dance around like the skeleton bones that they are.

What I mean is… when I don’t have the time, space, energy to process my experiences and my feelings, I get wacky. And by wacky I mean… I get buried memories. Unfinished business. 

I bring this up because this week reminds of that phrase — unfinished business. It’s a Saturn (business) week! Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Everything old is new again.

This week (well, this Eclipse Season) is about your… entire life. Or, at least, the last 20 years.

Some highlights:

Monday’s Moon in Capricorn: business as usual pretty much. Mars opposing Saturn on Tuesday is not a setback although it may feel like one. It may feel cruel. Rough justice BUT it also reminds me of the Osho Zen Tarot cards I pulled earlier today. That Ace of Rainbows (Maturity) containing a “no fail” clause.

Wednesday, Mercury enters Taurus and the Sun is trine Pluto. Yes. This one. The Sun is YOU but combine, in your mind, your natal Sun plus the transiting Sun. Mash them together. What rises? Let it sit. Let it sit. What rises?

A trine is an easy flow of energy. Pluto is… so many things. Pluto making aspects during Taurus Season is… reminding  me of Jessica Lange (a Taurus!) in All That Jazz. One of Death’s many angels in a white hat. Death is not the end.

Thursday, the Sun is sextile Chiron, which is a good day for doctor’s appointments 🙂 Moon in Aquarius: doctor knows what she (or he) is doing but she’s kooky. Or, maybe, alternative!

By the weekend, Mercury is now opposing Mars, having followed in the footsteps of Venus, the Sun, and Mars. Tough crowd. Can’t please Saturn. Can only work harder.

THAT is the unfinished business, my friend. All the quicky planets in Taurus opposing the Lord of Karma, Time, Reaping and Sowing. FINALLY. YOU WIN. You win.

Remember, too, the South Node is in Taurus. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Is this sinking in yet for you? What it’s about? Dig in to your Taurus house. The last time we had an eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus was 1994, right? UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

Also, how you write a poem is with music playing in the background.


Love, MP


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