How To Survive Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
mars in virgo 2011

Disclaimer: no Virgos were harmed in the writing of this blog post

My roommate is sleeping as I type this. I can hear her snoring from the other room. I’ve just made my coffee (too weak), and I’m tired. Was up around 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep for a while. I’m sharing these domestic details because when Mars enters Virgo, domestic details will be in the spotlight.

Virgo rules the quotidian, daily routines. Notice how the 6th House is about your work, what you do every day, but the 10th House is Career! Recognition! Virgo vs Capricorn: the worker/servant vs. The Boss. Which one are you? Maybe some of each?

Mars in Virgo will be Virgo pumped up and you will BE this energy. You will process it through your body because that’s what Virgo does.

Other Virgo realms: analysis! How many of you Virgo Moons or Suns drive your friends crazy with your constant evaluating. My roommate has a Virgo Moon. After we spend time together, she’ll say “That was a good one.” And then she’ll go on to analyze it further. She can’t just enjoy and move on to the next thing. She has to write a review!

Another Virgo realm, or stumbling block, is the desire for perfection combined with a nutty nervous system. Beware of panic attacks during Mars in Virgo. You must look to Pisces, the opposite sign, so that you can relax and stop pushing pushing pushing yourself. My Scorpio mother would say to me: don’t make yourself sick. Virgo, more than most, can’t help but make herself sick.

Above all though, to survive Mars in Virgo (which will likely make all your Virgo friends mildly unbearable), go with the Virgo energy, rather than struggle against it. Be practical. Be efficient. Work quietly. Help others. Serve. 

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