How To Love A Mercury In Cancer

"Ian Curtis"
Ian Curtis had Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer? Elephant NOT Crab. Why? Because they never forget. And will never let YOU forget. Water retains. Water absorbs. Mercury in Cancer will annoy you as much as you annoy Mercury in Cancer. And what annoys Mercury in Cancer? Being teased!

The other day my so-and-so called me a “name” and I can’t say what this name was, it’s too personal, but it was a famous cartoon character from the 1970s and he claimed I was acting/sounding like this character.

Dear Reader, Fellow Stargazer, I was taken aback! I was shocked! I was mad at the time (about what, I don’t remember) and this name just made me madder. BUT in another part of my brain, I was… kinda laughing, kinda smiling, kinda WhatTheFuckDidHeJustSayWhatIThinkHeSaidDidHeJustCallMeTHAT?

I, Moon Pluto, was emotionally confused. What kind of Virgo Moon was I that I couldn’t figure out what I was feeling? What he did was… take some of the Pluto out of my Moon. And mood. I admit it. I have Mercury in Cancer.

So a messageĀ to all you light types out there or semi-light-types if any of you are reading this blog and you get involved with a dark and twisty type (and yes, I did steal that phrase from Grey’s Anatomy): we need you as much as you need us.

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