How to Live with your Moon Pluto

I pride myself on knowing what loss is, what grief is. I experienced these things at a young age, very young. And later on, too. These experiences marked me. They’re mine. Tattoos on the soul 🙂  I’d also venture to say that most people with Moon and Pluto in challenging aspect in their natal chart have also known loss or grief or trauma. Moon is your family, your mother, your memories, your feelings, your home. And Pluto is the death. Long after the fact, dark knowledge becomes beautiful, like old photographs.

When you have this kind of thing inside you, it needs to come out, you need to make use of it. Natal aspects to your Moon Pluto will show you how “easy” or “hard”  it will be.  But use it you must. Otherwise? You can get stuck, stuffed up, depressed. What’s needed is a steady releasing, a flow of it. And the outpouring could be messy, could be… ugly. Uncomfortable. It may take you time to… know what you need to do for your Moon.

Look to the Moon sign for clues. Look to how you feel for clues. Look to the overall quality of your life for clues.  I think the key though is nurturance, nurturing. Moon is the mother. And I’ve touched on this topic before, about needing to learn to mother yourself. And, by extension, to nurture others.

I can’t imagine what it would be like for my mother to still be alive. The Universe made that choice years ago. And not a day goes by that I don’t think of her or wish she were here or wonder what she’d say. Would she think I was looking good? Would she be proud? Would she be worried. I have Moon in Virgo: she was always kind of worried. But when you really feel your feelings, without any Virgoan type of analytical filter, the feelings feel… clear.

Today’s bottom line: if you are struggling with your emotional intensity, try to let go of the struggle. This, again, is where meditation comes in. Learn to sit with whatever is happening.

And I will keep writing about this topic, possibly saying the same thing over and over, the way a dog circles the ground looking for just the right spot. Virgo wants to get it right 🙂

Note to self: to be continued

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