How To Handle Your Neptune Lover (From Earth Girl)

Hello and Good Morning, my darlings πŸ™‚

Writing to you from the Big City, Monday Morning Moon in Cancer. How are you?

Coffee’s brewing and I’m in a pretty good mood after the Mother’s Day emotional whirlwind. A highly charged day to say the least. We are expected to feel *one* way but I don’t think we ever feel *one* way about anything.

Oh and pass the cream please, I like my coffee light.

Which brings us back to the Moon in Cancer.

The Moon, they say, is at home in Cancer. The Moon “rules” Cancer. If you know anyone with this placement then you are likely familiar with their kindness, sympathy, mothering (not always smothering), hard protective shell, mood fluctuations, and bloat πŸ™‚

Cancer people probably say “awwwww” more than anyone else.

Lucky for us, psychic, trusting Moon in Cancer is making sweet contacts with the heavenly bodies, a Grand Trine which means that… I think you’ll feel better today than yesterday, better than the day before. Emotions are flowing freely, smooth movements, even if they are tears. Intuition, too, is on target. Trust yours. Moon trine Neptune. Moon trine Saturn. Fantasy and reality get married and live happily ever after.

Bittersweet Moon in Cancer factoid: they carry their home on their back (like the crab) but many feel homeless, at a loss, in this world, always seeking safety. That’s the best gift you could give a Cancer… assuring them that they are at home with you, safe. That however they feel is just fine. Cancer is the most “personal” sign. They will not relate to you from the point of view of the populace but how life feels to them.

Cancer is “moody” yes. My moods can change throughout the hour but underneath that surface wave is a solid core and belief. I know I love you even if you scare me. I know I love you even if I’m afraid. I know I love you even if I love you πŸ™‚ I know I love you Β even if I don’t say it so much. And so on.

The one skydive we have on the menu today is Venus squaring Neptune, an aspect I have in my own chart!

As I’m fond of saying, Neptune is illusion, delusion, confusion (and I’m not the only one who says this!) and in hard aspect to Venus… money isn’t quite clear. Love isn’t clear either. There are no rules of the game, only waffling and mist.

You have to work that much harder to grasp the motivations of others, to get a good seat on the reality train. The windows are always foggy.

Venus in the sign of Gemini means you have more than one option, decision, but… I think that may ALSO be an illusion. Still, questions arise: Do you love her or him? Will you make your money this way or that? Your head keeps turning. Keep your head. Remember why you made that decision in the first place!

Neptune in Pisces has good intentions and really wants to heal you, really wants to save you although the details disappear.

One of the biggest problems with Venus square Neptune though is that it feels like bliss. But there is a truth hangover like no other. You wake up and it’s cruel Saturn in your bed not tinkerbell Neppy.

“Murder your darlings” is what one of my poetry teachers said to me 20 years ago. Those lines you are sooo attached to in your poem, do they really serve a purpose. Are they making the poem better? Is it just ego?

Sometimes the dream MUST die. Sometimes it is good for the dream to die. Because then, only then, can we get real about our love and our resources, what we value (Venus).

I value clarity and sanity more than any dream. I’ll take a side of fairy dust but not for the main course. Makes me feel crazy. Can you see though that I am creating a binary opposition? I have a Saturn Neptune opposition in my birth chart. They are not integrated yet. Oppositions tend to favor one side and then the other side. Strive for balance!

There are others though (not endangered species at all) who need the dream as much, if not more, than what is real. They consider the dream to be REAL which is happy talk to an Earth Girl like me.

I’m picturing this pit bull (that I used to walk) with a toy in her mouth. Don’t even try to get it from her HOWEVER all I had to say was “drop it” and she would and I’d throw the ball again and a new dream (and dream catcher) would be born.

That, my friends, is how you handle your Neptune lover.


Happy Monday

Love, MP


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