How To Handle The Moon Pluto (Conjunction) Person In Your Life

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
it is always scorpio season in moonpluto land!

All names and identities have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent

Okay. You love your Moon Pluto person BUT their relentless intensity freaks you out at times. Especially when you are drunk, or high, or having fun and they are, yes, harshing your buzz and trying to have MEANINGFUL emotional conversations with you when you can’t possibly… participate.

Have you seen these couples? I have. Party types tend to be attracted to feely types because the feely types, at least for a while, do the feeling for both. And that’s okay. It balances out eventually. The feely type has a hidden party side and the party type has a hidden feely side. Really.

But if your Moon Pluto person is driving you crazy, you can do this.  Say to them, “Honey, honey, I love you. I need you. I love you like I love my own dick but I think you’re having a mood swing.”

In other words: everything is fine. Let’s talk about this later. We will talk about this later. There will always be a later for us to talk. About this. Later. Because we love each other. And we’re together. Okay?

Of course there are many variations to this theme. I’m sure you are thinking up one or two on your own right now. The main point is this: Moon Pluto types need to learn how to relax and not harass their loved ones. And those who love Moon Pluto types need to learn… to hide.

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