How To Dress For a Hurricane (Irene)

"hurricane irene"
Would you wear this to a hurricane?

Virgo? It’s your day! Sun and Venus in your sign + New Moon tomorrow! Prim and proper Virgo, I suggest you work your Virgin-side and go for something lacy. Or racy 😉

Leo? Mercury went direct in your sign, so go bold with your look. Organza! And Big Hair Absolutely.

Cancer, sweet Cancer: you prefer to stay at home so pajamas are advised. Stuffed crab optional.

Gemini: chatty chatty Gemini. Wear two of everything. Doubling up will keep you warm if it rains through the roof. Well… not really.

Taurus? Taurus tends to be lazy, but beautiful. Spend 3.7 hours on your make-up. I don’t need to tell you to reapply 😉

Aries! Aries is our Warrior, unafraid of Mother Nature. Go nude!

Pisces: the mystical one! How about something diaphanous. Or fishy. Open up that can of tuna you bought for the storm and afix some to your gown!

Aquarius: oh Aquarius, you’re so wacky, so rebellious, so DIY. I’d almost tell you to go nude too, but then you’d be too much like Aries.

Capricorn: you’re the boss! What else but a suit? You’re in charge, not no freakin’ hurricane. And don’t shower either:  your goaty smell will be authentic.

Sagittarius: sexy sexy Sagittarius. A sock on the cock is all that’s needed;)

Scorpio: black, black, and more black. And maybe some black. And a touch of black. Black, anyone? Oooh.

Libra? With Saturn in your sign, you need a little help getting motivated. How about I choose an outfit for ya. Or you choose. No, I’ll choose! No, you do it! Ha ha ha!

What’s your sign? What would you wear to a hurricane?

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