How The Angel Of Anger Can Save Your Life: Mars In Libra 2014

I was looking at my transits the other day and noticing how hard they are right now.

I’ve got a fixed t-square going on and Saturn is involved and just now in one of the chat rooms we were talking about someone’s reaction to Pluto on their Moon and I start… talking about what happens, what happened to ME, after surviving brutal transits.

It’s easier if I just quote myself here and I am relating this to… the upcoming (YES I AM OBSESSED) long Mars in Libra transit in 2014.

That you must solidify WHO IS ON YOUR SIDE now, right now, while Mars is in Leo sextiling Libra, harmonious energy. So that by the time Mars spends so damn long in that one area of your chart pretty much you know who is committed to you and who you are committed to.

Libra is the 7th House is OTHER PEOPLE, contractual obligation, who we MARRY, and I’m feeling some switch-a-roo or indecision or confusion and… you can take steps to repair that now.

The 7th House shows your partners so behave yourself, people. Stop fucking around. Treat others with care, decency, JUSTICE. Not only because you may need them someday but because you need them… EVERY DAY.

And also because this Mars, this Mars transit, is your anger, your RAGE, and is the opposite of depression, it is the opposite of trauma and CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. As long as you don’t fall into “bad Libra” behavior i.e. outsourcing the axe.

And it’s okay to look good while you sharpen your weapon. In fact, I think you should. LIBRA = VENUS. And let me be clear. I’m not talking about hurting anyone with your Mars. I’m talking about NOT FALLING INTO DESPAIR with your Mars.

What remained for me, after very hard transits, brutal transits, of isolation, of losing everything, including my home, what remained was my PTSD from that time. But even that got better, slowly. 

But then if the same sore “spot” gets/got triggered again, the symptomology returns. 

So it CAN get better. It DOES get better. We don’t stay trapped forever there, however one can feel thrown back in time, as though thrown from a horse. Until RAGE takes over. The Rage of No. As in, “I will not let this xyz defeat me.” 

So let’s say something traumatic happens to you. You move on. You never get over it but you move on. And then some years pass and something similar, familiar happens again. And you can’t believe it. You are somewhere between numb and horror and wanting to die. You know that place? That’s the place I’m talking about.

But then there’s an even deeper layer, a solid level or foundational layer, not the death drive but the LIFE drive, which wants to save you and that level- layer is your Mars. Anger. Rage of refusing defeat. 

Not to hurt others, but to WAKE UP, to save your own life.

Love, MP

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