How Old Is Too Old To Dream? Saturn In Sagittarius

"saturn square neptune" To expect more of life? Something else? I know various people, like myself, at mid-life, what I call mid-life, and unsettled.

There is a certain amount of dreaming that is helpful and a certain amount that can be dangerous. This, to me, is what Saturn Neptune in aspect is about. And 2015 brings us a Saturn Neptune square although not exact in degree.

Yesterday was chatting on-line with a friend, wondering if I’d ever drive again. My license is expired. It’s been 20 years. The Road. Saturn in Sagittarius: learning to drive? Again. 

Ding ding ding. Last time Saturn was in Sagittarius I DID LEARN TO DRIVE.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

How old is too old to dream? Do you give yourself permission or does it make you feel sad — when you think about what you want and how you don’t have it — yet. You think: maybe never.

I had a dream the other night about a cat. At the time I didn’t think it was a lion or wildcat. Thought it was a very big house cat, kind of like my Goldy but much bigger and sleek. And I thought to myself: okay, it’s okay to have a big cat. It happens. Other people have big cats too.

We can get afraid to even admit what we want. Just as we can be afraid to admit… how hard/bad/horrible things are when they are that way. There is all this fear around… truth, which is another Saturn in Sagittarius lesson. Tell it. Tell the truth.

Now I can’t tell you how old is too old. You need to figure that out for yourself. That’s your right. Maybe, for some of you, it’s “not until I’m dead.” For others, maybe it truly is 25 or 45 or 85 86 87.

All I know is — I look out upon the vista landscape life and feel like the 9 of Swords sometimes, head in my hands. Those moments exist — even for me.

The first step is admitting to yourself that you actually want something. And then to figure out what it is. Try it.