How Many Targets? Sagittarius Season Afoot (Nov 22nd)

"new moon in sagittarius" Truth is:

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In the meantime…

I’m thinking SAGITTARIUS SEASON and this is what I was just writing about on the Private Blog but wanted to bring an idea or two here as well–

Wondering what your target is. How many targets you have. Sagittarius as the Archer. The bow is stretched. The arrow flies. But where where where where?

I was telling the folks in there that I like the New Moon and I even like the New Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces because we need to dream and hope again, even stupidly.

We are just about done with Scorpio Season. Scorpio Season with Saturn in Scorpio AND a Mars Pluto conjunction. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to die anymore. I’ve had enough. Scorpio Season drops us down down down.

So give yourself an A+ if you are reading this. You made it.

Important to note that both Ceres and Vesta are in Sagittarius. Ceres is grief. Ceres is the miracle. She lost her daughter. She got her back. Whatever was lost (or felt doomed) during Scorpio Season can bloom again when the Sun enters Sag. Vesta, home and hearth goddess, keeps the light on.

I love December. I love Chanukah. I love Christmas too. I love colorful candles and tinsel and outdoor craft fairs in the Big City 🙂

I am so happy to present this to you. To present this feeling to you. That all is not lost.

Back to the idea of the target. In which direction are you aiming? Are you practicing or doing it for real? Are you REALLY shooting for the stars? Dreaming for real. Saturn in Sagittarius is coming…

It’s a melancholy time for many, but can be made bittersweetly beautiful with a little effort, a little light. We don’t usually talk about Saturn as light but during Saturn in Sag, we will… because we will have to fuse the Great Optimist with the Great Practical 😉 Not putting out the fire but cupping it, holding it, protecting it. Choosing which arrows to let fly with great care, with… a father’s love. Anytime we have a Saturn Jupiter fusion (which is what Saturn in Sag is) we go father with it. Father, teacher, mentor, guide. Father stories. Father figures… Are you ready to go there? Am I? LOL!

That’s all for now, folks 🙂 To be continued…


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