How Many Steps ‘Til Pisces?

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Virgo is nervous until Virgo knows what lies ahead, step by step. The rules, the guidebook. Where the fuck is it? Virgo NEEDS Pisces energy to keep it flowing. Virgo needs Gemini to keep it light. Virgo needs Sagittarius to keep it happy πŸ™‚

You can do this kind of exercise with all the signs. Look to what squares and opposes and you’ll find clues. I’ve written about this before, but was thinking about it this morning. I’ve been sick, real sick actually (for me). Total rest mode, haven’t blogged for a couple days. But I woke up this morning thinking: Virgo cannot rest, will not rest, until s/he knows the steps and that this is an impossible way to live because it cuts off… possibility. It often cuts off positivity.

Now, I am not a Virgo Sun. My perspective is from a 1st House Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto. Pluto intensifies what it touches so I become XTREME Virgo, and yet it’s different than the energy of Virgo Sun and different even from the energy of the Virgo Moon without Pluto. We must always examine each and every aspect and placement as though examining it for the first time. Examination? Very Moon Pluto πŸ˜‰

So if you are Virgo Sun or Virgo Moon or Virgo South Node or Virgo Rising or if you are just wound up too damn tight, much of the time, then these words are also for you: you don’t need to know what direction to go in before taking a step. And sometimes a hop in place is enough.

But think of your sign: Leo? What do you need to learn from Aquarius? Noticing others more? Cancer, what do you need to learn from Capricorn? Follow-through even if you don’t feel like it. Taurus? Taurus must rise above the material and become the highest vibration of Scorpio. Scorpio shares. And Aries. Of course Aries learns cooperation from Libra. And so on. And in any direction. All around the wheel. We find our strengths, our weaknesses.

Virgo, more than any other sign, is a victim of mind. Mercury-ruled. Gemini is too but Gemini flies, is light. Virgo, earthly, gets trapped by her own thinking. She cannot solve her problems by thinking through them. She must discern BUT THEN Β there is another process.

The sky is clear of Virgo now. Only Chiron is in Pisces, and retrograde at that. If you are an early degree Virgo you probably have been feeling this opposition profoundly. Not as an attack, per se, but as a steady painful confusion.

But as I wrote a couple of days ago, you can stop struggling. You can rest like an animal in the forest. Be the horse: move your body. Be the fish: flow. Be human (twins): enter your life. These are not contradictions. Stopping the struggling means… well… you know the 8 of Swords card in Tarot? That’s what I’m talking about. UNTIE YOURSELF. By whatever means necessary.

What do you need to learn from the signs that oppose or square you?

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