How Many Hearts? How Many Minds? Venus In Gemini

"new moon in taurus"

I feel like we ALL have Venus in Gemini during this transit.

We all want love. We all will be searching. We all will be multiplying our search. We all will be suffering a little during the retrograde. We all will move forward and apply the knowledge during direct motion.

Even if you have someone, Venus in Gemini still speaks to you.

Gemini opposes Sagittarius: your immediate environment vs. the world at large: which will you choose, hmmm? The neighborhood boy or the exotic locale?

What kind of conversation does Gemini have in your chart?

For me? It’s a little intense. Gemini squares my Moon and Pluto in the 1st and opposes my empty 4th House.

On the up side? It’s a career transit, 10th  House, and I have to check but I don’t think I’ll get that many hits to my MC. Maybe just one, which means one trine to my natal Uranus.

Possible that eclipses or other lunations could bring more news and messages but… I have an earth/water chart. Air sextiles my Venus in Leo and… oh. I forgot. How could I forget? But I did.

Venus in Gemini will sextile my Venus and trine my natal Jupiter. Ooh la la. 😉

I want to sing the theme from The Love Boat all of a sudden. It’s not that this transit will be heart wrenching but then again it will. It’s Gemini, folks and some cliches are cliches because they are true!

Gemini is mutable: restless, flexible, adaptable. Gemini writes. Gemini chats. Gemini moves fast, thinks fast, ruled by Mercury, light on his feet. Gemini picks itself up, dusts itself off, starts all over again.

I think this transit is more important than people are giving credit, not that I know what people are giving credit, but I am assuming the Pluto Uranus square excitement will be the main stage and… Venus in Gemini will be a little black box theatre, where the REAL ART AND LOVE AND LIFE AND BLOOD AND GUTS AND GLORY happen!

This summer gonna change us all. Just you watch!


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