How Many Hard Years? New Moon in Sagittarius

"new moon in sagittarius" I lay down to take a nap — before moving on to the next thing. I have this freedom being self-employed. Not a sleep-nap but a recharge/rest nap. The self employed surely know the different categories of nap.

And I thought about years. In the Bible. The Torah. Years. The years that Jacob had to work for Rachel (after being fooled into marrying Leah, her sister). The lean years and the fat years (Joseph’s dream while he was in jail in Egypt). And now I can’t remember the numbers. Was it seven years for Rachel? I have to look it up.

And it felt like one day to Jacob (the story goes) because he loved her so much. It felt like one day.

How many hard years, I asked myself.

And is it all a matter of perspective?

Yes and no.


I have plans for this Sagittarius New Moon. Venus is already in Sag. Venus is already on fire. I started a ritual last night which I will do for, yes, seven days, until the New Moon. Got my candles. Got my petition. Got oils to dress the candles if I decide. Got time carved out, got my schedule. And last night I watched the flames and I focused my intent.

How many hard years have you had? How many behind you? Have you lost perspective. Do you know who you are.

When we enter the 9th House we make meaning of the traumas of the 8th House, all we experienced there. This is an idea I read in Howard Sasportas.

This New Moon doesn’t promise an end to hard years necessarily. And the lower vibration of Jupiter and Sagittarius promises and doesn’t deliver, cuts corners, so I will not promise… but at best… Sag and Jupiter see what no one else sees — in you.

So think about that — these hard years, how many, what they meant. Be the 9th House. Find meaning. Did it feel like a day to you?

We’re under a Sun Saturn sky in Scorpio — this is probably the gloomiest post about a New Moon in Sagittarius ever 😉

But it’s very Sag, to me, to take the wide angle view — look with a big lens, big eyes, over the expanse of your life, even the hard years.

Do your magic and more forward. Where there’s life, there’s hope. And wake the fuck up.


Love, MP


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