How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Virgo

Truth is, I didn’t. Not at all. But I am acquiring more and more non-Virgos in my life. Everyone with a shit-ton of Virgo should do the same. Virgo is the consummate worrier. Virgo doesn’t even know when Virgo is worrying until a non-Virgo yells STOP.

So how does a Virgo learn to… let go? One way is to watch how other people live, the non-worriers. Another way is to look to the North Node. Well, as long as it’s not in Virgo. Can you imagine? A Virgo with a Virgo North Node? Scary. Only a mega-afflicted Virgo Sun could bring on that particular karma!

And so much worry can lead to… problems. Wrinkles, stomach aches, anxiety, smoking! A Virgo can try to stop a juicy worry in its tracks, to pinch it off before it takes root in the body, in the mind, in the soul. But will it succeed?

I have Virgo Rising, Virgo Moon (conjunct Pluto) and Virgo South Node. I didn’t realize the amazing extent of my Virgo until I acquired a fire/water boyfriend and was able to observe a beast unlike my own. He doesn’t worry. He just.. does stuff. Or not. And I could compare his Moon and my Moon. How I filtered, analyzed. How I always think of myself as feeling and yet with Virgo Moon, there’s always something in the way.

Do I sound self-critical? Also Virgo.

Note to self: write positive Virgo post next time

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