How Does Aquarius Feel? (Tuesday/Wednesday Forecast)

"sun square pluto"I’ve started complaining on my Facebook already — last night we had no heat and we needed it.

Now the heat is on and it’s too much. I’m Googling what I can do – since I have no control over the thermostat.

Windows ALL the way open and the fans on and there goes Cleo running from one side of the apartment to the next. And I work from home. Having home just the way I want it is my ideal. And it’s not even that it’s hot in here. It’s the way itโ€ฆ whatever it is that it does. Radiates. Hangs in the air.

Tuesday and Wednesday should be easy on us. I say this knowing that I have to deal with repairmen and installations and a void of course moon on Tuesdayย (from later afternoon to nearly 10pm on the East Coast of the U.S.) which could cause interruptions, delays in WORK (moon’s in Capricorn).

Wednesday’s Aquarius moon will trine Mercury (you communicate well!) and inconjunct Venus and Jupiter in Virgo.

The inconjunct (they say) is an aspect of “adjustment,” but who is doing the adjusting? EVERYONE!

I call it the aspect of dissociation, that the personality traits, the energies (of the two signs) are so different (i.e. not complementary) that when we find them in a natal chart (as is common) it often confuses the native him/herself AND their friends! The energies cannot be balanced. We cannot meet in the middle. We cannot create some new blended thing (as in the opposition). The native has to express each part of the inconjunct, fully, and thus the confusion. And the native isn’t always so aware (until they study astrology of course!) of the discordance.

I’ve known quite a few Scorpio/Gemini mixes over the years. Let’s say I’m in the mood for Scorpio (serious, probing) but my Scorpio/Gem friend is being ALL Gemini. Well, that’s fine but if I’m wanting and hoping for PLUTO and I get Gemini sparkle chatterbox? Eh. I may get impatient, disinterested, disappointed. But it’s really no one’s fault. Adjust adjust adjust. I have to adjust.

So that’s Wednesday’s sky. We may FEEL Aquarius (how does Aquarius feel???) but we are loving like earthy meticulous Virgo and must adjust. It’s actually a great combination. Aquarius has brilliant ideas and Virgo can make the list of what needs to be done to make it real.

If we remember to embody both Uranus and Mercury (and Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury), there should be no problem, right?



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