How Do You Spend Your Birthday?

An ordinary day. My birthday. Another year to come. I usually spend my birthday in quiet contemplation, meditation, soul-searching. Very Hermit card. No whooping it up for me. Not my style (but see transits below).

I want to know why I’m here, what I’m up for next, am I on the right path, and so on. Meaning. Purpose. What the hell.

I’m lost I think to myself. Transiting Neptune is in my 6th House (daily life) squaring my MidHeaven, which is about more than Career per se. It’s about life purpose. What we show to the world. How are you feeling today?

Ideally I would fast today or at least eat minimally to encourage less focus on the body and more on the spirit. For sure I will draw some Tarot cards for the Solar year ahead and otherwise, we shall see…

How do you spend your birthday?Β 

Love, MP

PS Transits for today according to my little book: Moon in Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury, Moon square Saturn and then Moon making Yod with Neptune and Pluto.

Moon in Leo I’d say is often in the mood for (some kind of) party but today? Nah. See, we use the transits to see how we must make adjustments. That’s today’s keyword: adjustment. How things seem or feel is just the surface. Today’s Moon in Leo is not tomorrow’s Moon in Leo. Attention grabbing and fun frivolous party going just will not work today. The aspects are too serious. Moon square Saturn? Takes effort to even KNOW what you feel.

On the bright side, my actual Solar Return was yesterday πŸ™‚


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