How Do You Soothe Your Moon?

"moon pluto conjunction"I was talking to a friend today about the Moon, his Moon, my Moon.

And this conversation started because I had a weird, emotionally uncomfortable day and wrote him an email about it and then at the end of the email I mentioned pie. That maybe pie could solve the problem. If I had some.

He wrote back that since his Moon is in Cancer, pie most definitely would solve it.  And then of course I had to ask for his opinion about what would make my Moon Pluto conjunction feel better.

Surgery he said, learn about it, and I was doubtful. I’m squeamish. I can’t give blood. I can’t even imagine skin being broken but metaphorically? That I love. And mentioned my long fanship of Grey’s Anatomy which is about surgery residents and their psychology, the psychology of the surgeon. Fascinating.

And then I came up with another angle: healing because Pluto rules healing and healers. Psychic surgery. Isn’t that what Readings are?

I mean, there had to be something ELSE for Moon in Virgo besides sweep the floor although putting something in order does help at times.

Finally I got to a place that I hadn’t expected. He did mention (and I agree) that Mars rules surgery in general and Mars rules my 8th House (sex) and I had my aha moment.

It’s sex, I said.  I need to be having emotionally (Moon) transformative (Pluto) sex with my 7th House partner.

The 1st House, where my Moon is, is always talking to the  7th House. That’s how oppositions work even if there aren’t any planets on the other side.

So now it’s your turn to think about this and you can ask me and I’ll try to answer.

How can you, how do you, honor your Moon or soothe your Moon? What does it take? 

I didn’t know if I succeeded in soothing my Moon this evening but then I realized, another AHA moment, that just TALKING ABOUT all this and processing (very Virgo!) and then writing about it is VERY Moon Pluto in Virgo, ruled by Mercury i.e. writing, communication.

And one more thing, in general, if you feel down and out or weirded out from the Full Moon, do something that makes you feel masterful and this is more Pluto advice than Moon advice but listen–

Wherever you have Pluto in your chart shows… something, some area of life that you must master, feel masterful about, rather than… becoming or feeling like a victim. Think about it!

How do you soothe your Moon? How do you live your Pluto? Are they connected in your chart? 

Love, MP

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