How Do You Handle a Crisis? (another eclipse post)

How do you handle a crisis? Is life still beautiful when you are in crisis? Or do you collapse? Do you become a superhero, or a child? Or parts of each, 3/4 Save the Day and 1/4 Fall to Pieces. It’s like cooking. Measure by measure.

Each time I talk about the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, I feel like I’m introducing a product you can buy off some late night television commercial circa 1977: Now! New! This Brand Super Awesome Solar Eclipse Slices and Dices and… Wait a minute.

Saturn is still in Libra. Gonna go direct. Libra trines Gemini. Saturn trine Eclipse 🙂 Nice, huh? It’s time to define. AGAIN. If Saturn in Libra was/is all about defining our relationships (to name just one thing), then a trine to a Gemini New Moon sounds exciting to me! Gemini thinks! Gemini multi-tasks! Gemini mutates. Gemini is food for your brain. Me like food 🙂

And it’s not only about defining (Saturn) your relationships (Libra) with others but also your relationship with/to yourself. And your relationship to your Gemini and Libra Houses. Where are they? Find them. This is important. Eclipses bring a big dose of… reality. Change. Revelation. Light.

My experience of eclipses is of a pile-up. Feels like too much too fast. And then time passes and you forget that you’re still under that energy, but the pace has slowed a little.

I keep asking my boyfriend to remind me to breathe. And I won’t remember without that verbal cue to slow down. Gemini is verbal. Gemini chats. Gemini has its fingers in many pies but sometimes that’s what’s needed. See, not all crisis is bad. Healing crisis. Crisis of faith. Dark night of the soul kind of thing. So fortify. Remember to breathe. Remember to eat. Talk to strangers if you want to.

Use this New Moon Solar Eclipse energy in Gemini to plant a seed, but more than one, in your Gemini house and in your mind.

Note to self: E is for Eclipse

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