How Do You Feel? Right Away? Or With A Delay? Where’s Your Moon?

"new moon in taurus"

Do you know the feeling of feeling your fate?

Damn. I don’t know how to explain it. I have Mercury trine Neptune. Maybe I can come up with an image or an association.

It’s that feeling when… your current life as you know it and experience it meets — with a crash –your future. And you kinda knew it was gonna happen, even though…

Well, when I feel my fate, meet my fate, the fate I had thought I would meet, I feel shock. Delayed reaction. I suppose this is my Virgo Moon a.k.a. THE FILTER. Feeling my fate makes me feel awe. Makes me real quiet inside.

Occasionally in Tarot readings I am tuning in to someone and I sometimes feel what I call “the arc of a life.” Meaning I feel I can see the distance. Can’t connect all the dots but can see where they wind up in response to a certain question. Now this is the kind of thing that a person (and me) has to take on faith because… it’s a long ways away.

I am not seeing or feeling the arc of my life but I am feeling a disconcerting combination of awe, mystery, confusion and… and this was GOOD NEWS I got today 😉

Made me wonder what it’s like for other Moons.


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