How Do You Do Friendship? What’s In Your 11th House?

"saturn in scorpio"(This is not a re-post but I know I’ve written about this before.)

We all do friendship differently. I need space in mine and lots of it.

My Cancer stellium, Sun, Mercury, and Mars, is in the 11th house, which is associated with Aquarius, an air sign. Objects in the mirror are *not* as close as they appear. 

You start treating me like your “wife” and I’m gone. Complaints, criticism, and I’m gone. I do my best. I’m not perfect. I do my best not to hurt. But I won’t always be there. I can’t be. It’s not ’til death do us part. It’s conditional. I lost my father and mother at a young age. Hell, I lost them years before they died. You think I can’t lose you too? I can.

Now relationships, romantic stuff, that’s way different. That’s where my intensity goes. And yet I know others for whom it’s reversed or it’s the same.

It’s not about duty or obligation or blood. I choose who I’m devoted to.

What’s happening in your 11th House? What’s the sign on your descendent? Find some clues there. Where do you need the most space?



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