How Did You Learn Astrology?

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A couple people have asked me this recently. The answer is that I took a class in the city, a drop-in class, for some years. I also taped it and would listen to the tapes. That’s where I got my nuts and bolts. I loved the teacher, loved the way he thought. It was very practical but also spiritual to me. He would read charts in class, while teaching us how, and did on the spot interpretations. It was magical, honestly, and there were a core group of regulars. It short, it changed my life.

This is how I learn: by observing how others think, how others, good astrologers, put it together. Every time I’ve had a reading, and I’ve had many over the years with different people, I always pay attention in this way, to their process. Getting readings can be a great way to learn, albeit expensive. I listen and learn. I remember, absorb. I have Mercury in Cancer. And I also ask myself: does what they say ring true? Does it match my experience, resonate somehow? If you want to learn astrology, you’ll find the teachers you need.

And then there were books. Howard Sasportas is my absolute favorite. Isabel Hickey too. There were other books of course, but mainly I credit my teacher and then everyone I ever had a reading with.

What about you?

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